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Sunday, July 2

Things that happened in the past carry weight. Consider the good old butterfly effect, which posits that the slightest action can be amplified over time and have great consequences. The thing about that one is that we’ll never know which butterfly where did the flapping, or know which action to take now to have some intended effect in the future. The butterfly effect is interesting, possibly true, and useless.
What we need is something that lets us bypass the delay between cause and effect. We use the phrase “see into the future” when we think about this idea, but the thing there is that we would use that knowledge, not to affect the future we’ve seen, but to profit by that knowledge- in other words, to know which stocks will rise next month and buy them now. But this requires us to have a second look into the future, to see what consequences our actions of buying stock, and of looking into the future have had on it. I mean, butterfly effect? You can’t know that those additional sales of stock today won’t have a negative effect on them next month.
Even better than having these little snapshots into the future would be a direct feedback mechanism, where we could “turn a knob” adjusting our purchase of stock and watch its effect on the future price in real time. In a way, this means looking at two future times simultaneously- one, the future where we buy x amount of stock and two, the time we’ve picked to monitor its changed value.
So that’s it then. I won’t be satisfied to see the future, I need to be able to monitor the effects of my near future actions on the distant future results. Otherwise, fagettaboutit!

look to the future here.

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