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Saturday, September 9

The cheeky little 15 year old, second from the front, mugging at us from 1933, will be the eventual winner. She put the Miss back in Miss America. It was the first time the contest had been held since the depression set in. I wanted to include one of the contemporary versions of the Judgement of Paris, but I’m sure you get that connection. Maybe later.
But imagine. After waging war with Troy for ten years, Menelaus catches a glimpse of Helen watching the battle from the walls of the city and thinks to himself “Zeus! She’s gotten old!” Let’s go home.
Literally on pedestals. The judgement photo has the contestants standing on what appear to be stone slabs. It’s a strange looking runway, but I’ve had a little experience building stages, and I think the stuff sticking out the sides would have been shims to make the slabs perfectly even with each other. One thing you don’t want happening at a live show is your performers tripping over little cracks in the floor. So- literal pedestals.
Ansel Adams was doing his thing in ’33. I had a photo he’d taken of the virgin Golden Gate in Cali earlier, here’s more of his large-format work. Nice lighting, great depth of field. That’s our Ansel!
The unintentional parallel here with the Barrow gang just sort of leapt out at me this morning. Einstein was on the run at this time. The SA had recently bumped off German intellectual and Nazi critic Theodor Lessing for cash, and there was also a price on Albert’s head. Funny to think that “the state” gets to decide that certain individuals are a threat to public safety and must be destroyed. Oh, but it’s OK when WE do it, of course.

One folk, one nation, here.

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