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Saturday, September 30

Today I learned of an advance in our current science- it has been demonstrated that the mechanical vibrations of a membrane can be quantum entangled with the spins of distant electrons. That would make a great microphone! But of course they were already discussing these ideas in 1933.
Not sure if I’d posted this one before, but a picture of Somoza (the first) posing with Sandino (the original Sandinista) is worth posting twice. Watch your back, Sandino!
The Soviets get 8 miles high. I’m pretty sure you can see the curvature of the earth at that altitude. Or see the flat edges of it, whatever. There are no photos from the capsule that I’ve found, so maybe that information has been memory-holed.
Marines! Sent to China! Just going to protect American Interests. You gotta figure that a small military contingent in a gigantic country like China were only sent there to provide an excuse for a full-on invasion in case of them getting snuffed. A sort of deterrence, not a bad idea. It won’t work against the Japanese though.
And Dr. Francis Townsend, who had been pretty much a fail son all his life, wrote a sort of crank letter to the editor which hit just the right nerve with the public- it went viral, and before you know it, the US government was devising the Social Security system to relieve public pressure for a guaranteed income for seniors. Townsend wanted to run his plan from a 5% sales tax- cooler (less regressive) heads prevailed.

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