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J.P. Morgan succeeded in getting a British publisher to withdraw “all traceable copies” of Hitler as Frankenstein and insert a note denying the truth of an assertion therein. This fun fact led me through a forest of assumptions.
My initial response was “sure, big money can squash the truth, man!”, but because of the Senate hearing earlier this year with Morgan and the midget, I was willing to cut him some slack. I found an online copy of the book, and found both the note and the passage in question, and in conclusion?
Still no decision. The accusation is pretty strange, because author Steel includes other, unnamed, institutions. For him to call out JP Morgan by name you would think he had solid evidence for it. I dunno, maybe it was an oversight, maybe they thought Morgan would let it slide? Or maybe it wasn’t worth the battle that would have ensued had the publisher stuck to their guns.
What is more interesting to read (a little beyond this passage) are the accusations against General Motors and Henry Ford which seemingly were not challenged. I think that there is no doubt that Ford was a Nazi sympathizer, but I wasn’t aware of the GM deal- which they could claim went down before the real dirt about the Nazis went public.
But the most interesting part was the pitch Goebbels set up, with contact men and paid agents who would follow through. First you gotta find the suckers, then you gotta close ’em. It isn’t evil, is it?

just the power of money.

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