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Saturday, September 16

A fairy tale, set somewhere in a land of windmills and wooden shoes. A town full of rats. Along comes a savior, who does indeed solve the immediate problem, but what is not made clear until the Disney version is that the children are indentured servants in this town. In other words, the rats were a symptom, not the disease.
Needless to say, the townsfolk get what they deserved. It’s a fairy tale.
As far as that goes, someone is peddling fairy tales in the form of anti-Semitic, anti-communist vigilantism. At 5 cents a copy it’s pretty cheap, but not free. We know who the writer thinks the rats are, but what is the underlying problem, hmmm?
Now, you could spend your hard-earned nickel on a Colliers instead. You’d get a classy cover illustration featuring the antics of a particularly anthropomorphic monkey, some news (I’m sure) and a lot of interesting advertisements. And you wouldn’t feel as defensive when your “smart” friends see it on your end table.
There’s an Oxbridge, AND an Uxbridge AND there’s at least one of each of these in both the United States AND England, but judging from currency, I’d guess this is the one in Massachusetts. I have no idea how women could stay on a jumping horse sitting like that.
Great photo of Batista there on the cover of Newsweek. A sort of cross between Mussolini (the upturned head, the full cheeks) and Stalin (the uniform jacket). In 1933 everybody is posing as a dictator! Oh, and there’s the original, making a gesture that will be regestured by David Byrne in 1979.

I Zimbra here!

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