Tuesday, October 27

Saturday, October 7

It’s a good time to rest, to contemplate the world around you. Take the dogs out, it’s brisk and refreshing. It’s all just a dream.
Here’s to that real woman’s home companion- the paper towel. Pre-folded individual paper towels had been around since the 1920’s, but here’s a patent for making a continuous sheet of paper towels. It’s pretty clever- see if you can figure it out from the drawings. Contemplate the world around you. I wonder who got the million dollar idea of putting them on a roll?
Joan MirĂ³ is throwing vaguely sexy body parts together, placed seemingly at random all over the place. Tag yourself. I’m the angular black cat in the upper middle. I’ve got one really long whisker.
This weeks Science Weekly will (not) help you figure out where you are. Is this what Columbus thought before he left, or after he got back? Our conceptual maps are always evolving.
France proudly consolidates all of it’s major airlines into Air France, an effort to compete with other national powers. They offer service all over the world, but nothing to North America. Sorry, Quebec.
Giants in 5. Now America can concentrate on football.

you are here.

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