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Saturday, November 4

Other worlds. There was a story that today “Otto Fischer of Germany became the first person to be launched in a manned rocket”. Of course it never happened, but it would be easy to believe it. There is another world in which a German IS the first man in space, launched in a specially built V2 rocket near the end of WWII. His journey forms the geometric shape that is the title of the novel “Gravity’s Rainbow”. It’s a good read, but it’s not from 1933- and it also never happened.
There was plenty available to feed the imagination about other worlds in 1933. Astounding Stories was a “pulp” that I guess was trying to steal some of Amazing Stories’ thunder. Just the fact that there were so many pulps filled with atrocious stories tells me how strong the pull of other worlds could be. I love this illustration of a lifeline between two spaceships, with people pulling themselves across to safety. It could happen!
Buck wears some kind of rocket propulsion system I guess, so he doesn’t need to rely on space ropes to move around. He’s so cool though that he doesn’t even need air, or protection from the vacuum of space- just a couple of ray guns.
Then there is the real other world, where real people will get all dressed up in suits just to visit for a few minutes. Now, that was Buck Rogers level daring right there!

climb aboard, here.

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