Friday, November 26

Saturday, November 18

I can’t help thinking of the Neon Park cover art for weasels ripped my flesh when I see this illustration. It’s for an early version of an electric razor, runs on a battery you can see in Heinie’s PJ pocket there. The main thing here is that the company making this thing was/is one of the largest electrical equipment manufacturers ever. Nations may come and go, but corporations are forever.
Hedda Morrison finds a way to get around China and snap some pics. I had mentioned earlier that her portraits were astonishing while her composition was merely so-so, but this one’s pretty sweet.
Ha ha, lookit that old-fashioned helmet! Maybe that’s why the linemen on the football teams were always depicted as being dim-bulbs.
I just learned about Charles Burchfield! While in ’33 he was in a “realism” phase, I like his wild takes on nature. He captures what it’s like to be a kid experiencing fields and woods. At least, that’s how I felt about ’em.

have a look behind he veil here.

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