Tuesday, September 22

Saturday, May 20

The state of Pennsylvania voted to relax it’s “Blue Laws” a bit come November, so the smart money (as it turns out) bought an NFL franchise, because games would be allowed on Sundays. The Pittsburgh Pirates.
The saga of Engelbert Dollfuss continues. Austria’s ruler was a right-winger, but he wasn’t batshit crazy like Hitler, nor an egomaniac like Mussolini. Seems to me he was doing his level best to unite his country in an effort to resist a German takeover. On this day he founded the Fatherland Front, making it the single legal political party in Austria, by combining the forces of the Catholic church, the military, and industry. He sort of aped the Nazi uniform (with the addition of old-time piping) and flag (modifying the swastika into a cross) and even wore a stupid mustache like Der Fuhrer in his attempt to capture the magic, but most of the Austrian people weren’t buying. Lots of them did want to be part of Germany, and lots of others favored the left, but you can’t blame a guy for trying.
Then there was German photographer Hedda Hammer (later, Morrison) who was working in China managing a photographic studio and taking lots of photos on her own. The idea of traveling through exotic lands, writing of your adventures and making photographs was big in 1933, but I don’t think Hedda was in this for the dough. There’s a great collection of her work here, which includes dozens of portraits taken in the field which display her ability to capture the evocative expression of the individual, unlike so many other photographers of native “types” who only seem to be saying “look at this oddball here!”

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