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Image is news. Leading off today with yet another magazine cover in the style of Norman Rockwell, this time one by J.F. Kernan. Kernan was a prolific illustrator in the 30’s and his work appeared on the cover of the Post, but he was focused on the American graces of fishing, hunting, and sports. Here he tones down the sentimentality that clung to his work in the 20’s, perhaps seeing that Rockwell was striking a modern emotional chord that acknowledged the hard times yet showed the public a way through them. Kernan makes the attempt, and borrows the Post’s iconic circular frame to center our attention, but he’s missing the Rockwellian hook, the irony, the knowing wink. Kernan’s America is simpler America.
Things are simple in the paper Hitler has owned since the early 20’s. In their version of Germany, patriotic, peace-loving SA and SS men are ruthlessly attacked by armed Communists, stabbed in the back by Jews. Today’s paper reported unknown foreign bombers over Berlin, undeterred by the puny German air forces. Even then the enemies of the right were simultaneously overwhelmingly strong yet effeminate, cowardly, weak. Hail to the strong Volk!
The artist of the Liberty cover gives us that Rockwell chuckle at the middle-aged veteran who can’t quite fit into his uniform for the upcoming parade. In its subtle way he’s also telling us about an under-powered military, the dangers of “getting soft”. An interesting viewpoint, seeing as actual WWI vets had just been bought off their second march on Washington demanding their bonus pay. They were given jobs with the CCC, or tickets home. Plenty of those guys would have been slim enough to fit into their old uniforms I bet.
And news from the Chicago World’s Fair- a Century of Progress! Now that the thing has been open for several weeks, there ought to be a certain amount of buzz about it- and it’s important that the buzz is GOOD buzz, of course. They hope to sell a lot of souvenirs.

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