Thursday, January 21

Saturday, June 17

Hiding in plain sight. A local commissioner wondered (on Twitter) why anyone would consider it “OK” to vandalize a public statue. He assured the public that the red paint had already been removed from the bust of Columbus in Lancaster. I saw some click-bait for “Device Makes Dull Knives Sharp” with a picture of someone using a stone to sharpen a knife. And today’s 1933 theme presented itself with the simultaneous publication of the June 17 Argosy magazine and the start of the annual Prayer of the Padre pageant in San Fernando. It made me consider something people under the sign of the crescent like to do on an annual basis. I know, it’s too “on the nose” but sometimes things are like that.
It’s also a day when the unfortunately nicknamed “Pretty Boy” Floyd the outlaw and his gang killed a few FBI agents and police and the guy they were attempting to free from their custody in Kansas City. Outside Union Station. The reward for his capture is gonna go up, up, up.

View the aftermath here.

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