Saturday, November 28

Saturday, July 29

There were several battles this month in the little war between Bolivia and Paraguay over a remote patch of jungle. Oh, there may have been oil under that jungle, you understand. The Bolivians had a General from Germany, the Paraguayans only had the advantage of being there first.
If either side could have afforded landmines they could have used one of these home-made contraptions to detect ’em! As it was, the Bolivians used a medieval tactic, digging a “mine” up under the the Paraguayan fortifications, filling it with explosives, and blowing it up. They didn’t dig quite far enough however, and eventually lost that round.
There were all kinds of do-it-yourself projects available in ’33, such as this $700 home. Cozy. There was even a provision for turning the bedroom closets into a bathroom! The construction details were explained in a series of articles over the next several months.
And in Manhattan? Some people are just curious, I guess.

find out what they’re doing here.

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