Saturday, November 28

Saturday, July 22

Earlier this year we had a sighting- in the Loch- of old Nessie. Today, in a wooded section next to the lake, a report of something odd crossing the road, seen by a man and woman in a car, neither of whom were aware of the legend of the “monster”. I don’t think there has been nearly enough attention paid to the Spicer’s account. People naturally tend to imagine a thing that resembles a mythical creature they are familiar with- dragon, dinosaur, whale- but what if it’s a thing unlike anything we even have myths about? Now that’s rather frightening, but in a pleasant way. Ain’t hurtin’ anyone.
While we’re in the British Isles, how about something for the ladies? Tuppence will get you tips and hints (and patterns?) to help you with those pounds. Saving them, that is.
At the Palmer house in Chicago, they can seat a crowd. Looks like a good time, step out from the conference for an afternoon and check out the Fair while you’re here!
These small-time kidnappers and their puny $10,000 ransoms don’t last very long on the lam. Elsewhere today, Mr. Kelly is pulling off a larger job- more on this later… And that Mr. Post has completed his circle- it’s a big news day in Texas.

pretty in pastels here.

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