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Saturday, July 15

The big day has arrived! A big day for Italy that is. To begin with, in Rome a major pact was signed between Italy, France, Britain, and Germany. They’ve agreed to a ten year period of peace among themselves. It seems there have been some hard feelings between them (if nations can have feelings?) about the results of that last dust up which the current economic crisis has done nothing to settle. I could have posted another boring photo of ambassadors in tails signing documents but decided to go with an illustration from humor magazine Punch showing Mussolini on horseback holding aloft a dove of peace on his gloved hand. I can’t tell you the reference, but I’m guessing that the original was a portrait of a Medici holding a hawk. Just a guess.
I can’t guess why they went with the Brinks truck parked in front of the Italian building as, overhead, the Armada arrived in Chicago. Unlike Punch, where the references tend to be sort of oblique, in American publications they’re usually simple, direct, clear. So it means- Italians have money? Tons of money? It’s more likely that this photo was taken to promote the Brinks company and the Italian planes just happened to appear in the shot. Some editor said “Hey, we got any pictures of those Italians flying into the World’s Fair?” and they came up with this.
I don’t know about that photo, and I don’t know what the caption says on this last one, which looks like a magazine illustration. The meaning is simple and direct though, despite the language barrier. “I am a great leader, rising like a thunderhead over the great mountains of my country. See my seaplanes rise above your city!” All in all, a good day for Il Duce.

see planes here.

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