Tuesday, August 4

Saturday, July 1

Hard to believe but it’s just about halfway through 1933. Leading off July with the aircraft that represented the ideal solution to the problem of commercial flight. Three motors were too noisy and too messy, one was certainly not enough, but this two engine craft could climb on one engine and carry its load at speeds rivaling military planes. The DC-1 was quickly refined and enlarged, but of all the planes that were rapidly coming to the same design solution, this one was the big winner.
So, refinement of design could apply to people too. There had been plenty of health nuts in the world but now they had their own magazine. Several in fact. Nothing nutty about it.
Unlike the design for a post office shown on the Popular Mechanics cover. Compare it to the great stone block that went up in Chicago this year, which was not a bad looking building. This one was silly. Didn’t keep the designers from designing, and at least they had an entire world’s fair to exercise their imaginations in.

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