Wednesday, January 26

Saturday, December 30

The world is a wide web of oddly intersecting stuff. Hundreds of people cram a public square somewhere in Tibet to watch a mystery play- something about origins, a myth that explains the way things are. It is observed and photographed by visitors from the West who get the balcony seats. I’m sure they were amused by it all.
Another myth, this one on a movie screen. Two young women like sailors or something. It seems to be mostly about things the audience likes looking at. I’ve got no problem with that.
If you like your radio, you can have a cheap one. The amazing German technicians have created radio sets that eliminate the unwanted chatter from foreign stations. Only true Reich news can be tuned in. It’s a sensation that will sweep the nation!
You wonder how well regulated banking can be in China when a guy can just set up a chicken-wire cage on the street and go into business. No, he won’t make you a loan.
The Big Apple. City of contrasts, as seen in this fantastic photo. There are also a lot of shades of grey.

what a view, here.

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