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Saturday, December 23

Today is the final shopping day before Christmas in ’33. I’ve noticed there had been no notices of the final two shopping days in the newspapers- you know, the little cartoons saying “X more shopping days!” featuring illustrations of medieval Christmas themes- and it’s obviously because the stores will be packed with shoppers anyway. Me, I’ve just been regifting things I find around the house.
I’ve been spending a lot of time squirrel watching lately, seems appropriate that “Boldy” should make an appearance today. I like the fur- wild!
I am always looking for signs of resistance to fascism, and here’s a little peak capitalism boycotting from Eastern Europe. The traditional Latvian homemaker will stick with her home-made system of governmental. Not sure if that means a democracy, an oligarchy, reagent or what, but still you love to see it.
Egads- two Christmas shopping trains collided in fog in France, the express plowing full speed into the rear of a stopped special comprised of old wooden rail cars, which just disintegrated. 200 folks die.
Here’s evidence that the South is done. 10,000 Confederate Civil War survivors pledged fealty to FDR on this date in 1933. It’s all over, folks!
However, that may not have included the sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters of that cause, who, although they never had a dog in the fight, will never admit defeat. It’s an attitude, and it’s free.
They still celebrate Christmas though, like here in San Antonio. Looks like a real nice saloon.

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