Thursday, January 21

Monday, September 11

Little monsters. It’s what adults call children when they misbehave. But then they grow up to become- big monsters?
Goebbels called Hitler Youth Quex “the first large-scale” transmission of Nazi ideology using the medium of cinema. It’s the story of a pure boy with a weak father, who becomes martyr for the cause of Nazism, and is reborn. So German!
I’m reminded of Mann’s Death in Venice, but where that story ends in dying for the fantasy of a return to youth, this one seems to say “no, a return to youth is possible, but the young will need to be sacrificed to achieve it”. What a deal!
The young are gathered together and trained in military practices. This happens everywhere, even down under. But Matilda has her back to us, and we can’t read the message she is sending.
However, in America, adults are so good at the transition from child to adult that it’s a kind of joke. The lil’ rascals are always starting crazy businesses or trying to romance each other or getting into fights- basically, doing exactly what adults do, only a little less effectively.
Whatever, to adults everywhere, children seem innocent and pure. Do adults actually remember being children?

sweet dreams, here.

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