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This combination of middle-class schmaltz and sophisticated messaging passed as comedy in 1933. I just watched it, and it all seems pretty sad to me. Ah, Wilderness! was written by Eugene O’Neil, his only “comedy”, and it was a huge hit, spinning off a movie and eventually the entire Andy Hardy series, a meme of sorts. It’s what a lot of Americans wanted to believe about themselves, and what a lot of them still do.
Meanwhile, another guy with a nerdy first name is proposing a quantum-mechanical approach to chemical bonding. I don’t understand a word of it, but it’s fun to be able to look back on ideas like this and see where they have led, and how they were assimilated by science and by the rest of us.
Show us your papers! These words struck fear into the hearts of a couple of generations of movie-goers, as the consequences were often deadly. They could be deadly in real life, if the facts didn’t happen to align properly. These papers were for a ten year old.
Check out this rural classroom. These kids didn’t have papers yet. They barely had papers to write on, but all the ones I can see had shoes at least. Girls to the left, boys to the right, the oldest in the back. There’s a couple of paper bats and a jack-o-lantern in that far window, a bunch of some pretty grass hanging on the wall, and what appears to be a blackboard is just where the wall has been painted. Oh well, we know that Lincoln wrote his lessons on the back of a coal shovel, amiright?

have a look see here.

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