Tuesday, June 15

Monday, October 16

Machines are getting traction. I always like the cartoons with a bit of whimsy to them, as if! A football team could run a tank against their opponents! It’s the “winning is everything” approach. By any means necessary. Nothing in the rules specifically against the use of tanks, you see.
Also nothing against the use of dual rear wheels on your speedster. It occurs to me that the adjustment of tyre pressure could be a real nightmare with that arrangement, and that maybe it only helps if your race is along a straight line. Also too, in the rain.
Getting traction in the dirt is not so easy either. It would be interesting to know why this particular “free program” was saved and somehow survived to be offered for sale recently. The obscure connections to 1933 feel just as important as the historically significant ones, the way I see it. When was the “1933” added in red pencil, and why? You can see just how this thing was folded and stored away, and in a toolbox, from the looks of the greasy stains on it.
And then there are the candles. Here we have some official for the Nazi government, undoubtedly claiming that the German people were badly treated after the last war, and how they need to able to defend themselves against their many enemies. Are the candles there to provide light for the text? Are they to give the whole thing a sacred aura? I notice the old graphite microphone, a technology that was rapidly giving way to the superior dynamics and condensers at this time. But with its marble base it looks great on the podium.
It should be noted that the United States of America never quit the League of Nations.

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