Tuesday, December 1

Monday, November 6

If you could only reach inside your mind, rummage around, find out what’s going on in there. Self-help has been around a long time, and even now back issues of Science of Mind are available from 1933. Because, you know, science never goes out of date. Or something.
The young lady may look as though she’s doing some heavy thinking in this photo, and that’s an excellent idea when your job consists of being beautiful. As long as your expression leaves the door wide open to interpretation, well. I do wonder what’s going on in there- I imagine it’s harder than it looks.
Sherlock is on the move here, let’s hope his crew doesn’t scare all the ducks away. Watson was on hand to record the event, it seems.
Manga was strange in ’33. Artists weren’t concerned much about copyright it seems- there are cartoons featuring all the big American stars, like Micky and Super and Pops. But here is a sweet little story with original characters. Seems like some kind of British Admiral in the sub-a-marine, and a lot of this stuff does indeed remind me of the 1960’s animated cartoon about a submarine of a certain color.

get your mind right here.

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