Friday, November 26

Monday, November 20

Amsterdam. Damn, damn, I can’t bring my horse cart through here at 10:00??? They seem to have a nice system worked out. Look at those bicycles- not in their own “special” lane, but actually being given space in traffic. (not sure that’s a good idea, but whatever) I like the modern No Parking sign. Well, that is, if P means Parking.
Here’s a promo shot- behind the scenes at the studio for the Rudy VallĂ©e Hour. This might have been the hottest hour on radio at the time, you can see how they’ve “photo shopped” the NBC logo on the mic to be sure everyone could plainly see what network he was on. Rudy has a damn big music stand in front of him. I guess he did most of the talking for the hour.
They had to use infrared film to take this shot, because they are working in the dark making the glass plates that were still widely used as negatives for photography. Some of the photos I find are made from negatives chipped or cracked in handling.
Here’s a liner getting moved into a dry dock in Southampton. There were many passenger vessels plying the oceans, not getting replaced by zeppelins.
Initially sent to Fujian Province to quell a local uprising, soldiers of the 19th Route Army instead decided to join it. A new Chinese Republic was declared, but when even the local student groups fail to join your revolution because they think you’re being too optimistic about your chances, maybe you’d better think again. Nice flag though.

wave it wide and high, here.

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