Monday, March 1

Monday, November 13

Just imagine being invisible. It seems to me that this movie was nothing more than a detective story in which invisibility was the MacGuffin. Now imagine the Invisible Woman! There could have been an entire series of spin-offs- Bride of the Invisible Man, Honey I Can’t See the Kids, etc.
Louis Armstrong was anything but invisible. Here’s a unique picture of the man in action. By all accounts that microphone would have been unnecessary.
It’s just a birthday cake. The birthday boy and his friends may have had another reason to celebrate.
State control of culture is broad and it is deep in Germany, but the Christians weren’t ready to throw out the Old Testament just because it was written by Jews. Somehow Joseph Goebbels will manage to square this circle. But Reinhold Krause only wanted the New Testament, with its magic Jesus. Clean. Pure. None of that begettin’ and coveting and lusting for him.
Somebody messed up Frank’s car, but I don’t know if he was in it or not. In this case that long, long Cord engine compartment helped to protect the occupants. Things weren’t so pleasant for the driver of the florist van, which looks like it rolled.
it ain’t all a bed of roses, here.

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