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Monday, May 8th

Gandhi. How can you not be affected by this guy? And such a fine actor!

It’s hard for me not to get emotional about the “little brown man” who chased the British out of India, mainly by not eating. If you want to consider what we mean when we use the word “saintliness”, here’s a good reference.

A Christ-like figure, but probably Jesus would have been called Gandhi-like if Gandhi had come first, right? The way time works, it doesn’t much matter.

So, this particular lump in the blanket of time deserves the color white, and deserves a full page. The only other notable thing I’ve found on this date so far was that Uncle Joe Stalin told his crew to “stop unwarranted mass arrests” because “Everyone who feels like it, including people who, strictly speaking, have no right to do so, is out arresting people.”

Well, that might be related…

Oh, and welcome to the blog page. Feel free to comment. Everything might be changing, I’m just trying this stuff out, but I would like to hear from anyone with comments and opinions. I’ll be using this page to provide insight into what I mean by the core of time. The actual page, where it’s really happening, is here.


  • Pooleside

    Like how the crowd of faces around the cartoon Gandhi are all Gandhis. I don’t think this is because the artist didn’t know how to draw anyone else. I’m not sure I have the knowledge to interpret this. Literally means Gandhi witnessing himself protesting (the spinning wheel was a blow against British mercantilism) There may be a more religious connotation.

  • Doug Riley

    Having just watched the Vietnam documentary by Ken Burns and then reading this I am reminded that I wasn’t really aware of just how long the European controlled colonies existed.

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