Thursday, January 21

Monday, May 22

Leading off with a classic poster. The more I see of ’33, the more I see that this particular graphic is a throwback to the nineteen twenties. It’s good, but from the Italians I expect something more.
From America, another Time cover boosting one of the “right” people. Dawes had famous brothers, was from a family who proudly traced themselves back to a Revolutionary War general or something, and after making a lot of dough in the late teens and early twenties he and his wife devoted themselves to civil service- not the kind that bureaucrats do, but the kind that gets your picture on the cover of Time magazine. This is to be expected.
Then there is this interesting collage of “candid” photos of John Dillinger, found on an F.B.I. website. It represent the muscle the media could display in creating celebrities, for here is the notorious criminal at ease, even smiling. It’s a good smile, too! Maybe he’s happy to be outside after 8 1/2 years in the pen. I chose this graphic over the mug shots that are the usual fare for the guy- not to glorify him, but to show that there was another side. But after getting released into a world of no work, and even less chance of finding any with a felony record (who knows if he tried, eh?), he was up to his old tricks in about a month. And the papers made hay.

These words refer to this webpage– for today, anyway.

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