Tuesday, June 15

Monday, May 15

Took a little trip along the trolleys of Maine this morning. They were still running there up through the late 30’s at least, maybe later. I would not have thought that trolley lines (that is, inter-urban lines) were still a thing then, but a look at a schedule shows that it was a pretty cheap way to travel if you didn’t have a car (and if you didn’t mind a 40 mile trip taking 2 1/2 hours!)
Anyhoo, Adventure! I like that there were maybe a dozen of these pulps out there in 1933. I enjoy looking at the covers and imagining the storylines they illustrate- the thief in the Arabian Bazaar, the Canadian Mountie after his man, or the old, old favorite, the Highwayman.
We love stories of highwaymen, mainly because we like those who flout the law (as long as they’re only robbing from the rich, right?) We liked Bonnie and Clyde, until it looked like they really were psychopathic killers…
And then there’s good old Procter and Gamble. Made in Canada I see. I can’t remember the last time my wash soap left my clothes feeling gummy.

As usual, today’s 1933 post is here, for the next 24 hours or so…

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