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Monday, June 26

British beaches flow like the tides of time. It’s possible to find better beaches, and we will have a look at some exotic locals in the future, but the Brits have a unique sensibility about summer vacation which involves a certain amount of public humiliation- all jolly fun, wot? Not to mention furry donkeys.
Butlin was a celebrity who grew that celebrity into a chain of amusement parks along the margins. The promotional material for the seacoast in general was ubiquitous, and nicely done as well. You could find romance at the resorts, let your hair down, give the kiddies some fun. And- it was Quicker by Rail.
Meanwhile, back in the states, one of our native attractions was performing daily in a bistro at the World’s Fair- Miss Sally Rand and her feathers.

see it all here.

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