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Monday, June 19

The actions proposed by the Roosevelt administration were controversial, but they were actions. Farm subsidies were a form of state control, and while many opposed them on ideological grounds, they had no alternatives other than “let the market correct itself”. This wasn’t the answer, at least, the pain and suffering this proposal caused were intolerable under the American form of government. Public opinion was strongly in favor of action.
Austrian Premier/Dictator Englebert Dollfuss was also exerting state control in his continuing efforts to maintain Austria’s existence as a country. In many ways he mirrored the moves Hitler was making in Germany, but seriously, look at this guy waving hi to the crowd. His idea was to offer the hardliners a version of fascism lite, without the Jew baiting and with stronger ties to the church. Actually, it was working.
And there’s Chicago. They repurposed an enormous exhibition hall from the last World Fair event and eventually created the largest museum of science and technology in the Western Hemi.

All the elements are here.

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