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Monday, June 12

Time, the weekly news magazine, had a nifty slogan for its section of miscellaneous stories- “Time Brings All Things”. Today I Post a Look inside Time, as Fortune would have it, but that’s Life.
The cover features a Senate investigator, and inside, Time contrasts and compares the investigation he’s running with some earlier Senate deals. They seem to be suggesting that it’s a fishing expedition, and in doing so, raise reader’s sympathy for poor old J.P. Morgan, who has been forced to be present for a week without being called to testify. This is causing him and his friends some rather large expenses at a local hotel, but Time assures us that when Senators accept his cigars they feel no sense of obligation toward the businessman.
Business is the focus of Time, whose ads are about evenly balanced between products promising to make your business more productive and those of a more personal nature, preying on the insecurities of the businessman himself. A car isn’t advertised as a necessity, or a perk, nor even a status symbol- it reflects the sound judgement of the consumer. A woman may look delightful on the outside, but perhaps her shoes are hiding athlete’s feet. Your young children- are you giving them the important advantages they will need to rise to the top? Is their 5th birthday too late to alter their fate?
This is what advertising does, of course. It must create a demand for whatever it is that’s being sold. More interesting to me are the ads for business that reveal our modern world in its infancy. Teletypwriter service that can be rented by the vital minute. Data processing offered by the job. Mimeograph machines to let your business reach the 9 out of 10 potential customers that you are missing now! I also threw in an ad for bug spray, just because it’s beloved Dr. Seuss earning his potatoes before his niche discovered him.
I am impressed with the quality of the factual information included in the brief features and entries in sections such as the Nation and Foreign News and Aeronautics. It may all go down easily and quickly, as suits the go-go-go life of the businessman, but it is definitely worth the 15 cent cover price. There’s also enough of the sort of clubby stuff about society and academia that lets the reader know that he’s part of a smart set, in the know about what really matters in life. Feels good, man.

After a quick tour of the Fair, Time to relax in your building here.

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