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Listen to the linked broadcast of the 1942 version of the long-running radio series “Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy”. If you are familiar with a more recent bit of obscure audio culture I’m sure you’ll recognize the models for Porgie and Mutthead (and… Bottles!), even though their names were based on the Archie comics. It’s the Firesign Theater, folks. Those kids attended Communist Martyrs High School. Eat it raw!
The rock-jawed justice fighter is certainly exemplified by Mr. Hoover (not the 1930’s president, the other one). I like knowing that while he was signing orders which would destroy lives, while he was fearlessly pursuing pinkos, he may well have been wearing lacy pink panties. Would he be a different person in our culture? I mean, as in, would he assume a different pronoun? Would being able to do that have lightened his outlook? Might Martin Luther King Jr. be alive today had Hoover not felt the need to suppress his personal kinks? There’s an alternative universe where that happens, folks.
Compare and contrast. Men at work on a road-cut. Real Jack Armstrong Americans, being tough. Physical labor is great, as long as you can give it up before it kills you.
I just came across the patent application for the rocket ship model, and sure enough, there were also drawings for the ’33 Silver Arrow that I’d wanted to share, so here they are, in a compare and contrast layout. I feel that the rocket ship owes more to Jules Verne than Buckminster Fuller, but then, the Dymaxion was actually a pretty shitty automobile. The Silver Arrow seems like a cross between the steam-punk 1920’s and the actual future.
There were a lot of local script currencies in the early part of ’33, but it seems that by now the money supply was stabilized. This gimmick was probably a costly idea for the Western Company, but you gotta love the “1/2 cent” crap. Best redeemable in pairs.

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