Tuesday, August 4

Monday, July 3

The big one is coming. The American celebration of exceptionalism. I’m not sure how easy it will be to sell it this year, but the attempt will be made.
I like the parade float cover, with the society dames thinking how dirty birds are, and they’re wearing white, and how they hadn’t considered this aspect of patriotism at all.
The Kellogg-Briand pact had been signed years ago, but it seems that some of the Soviet Union’s neighbors had concerns that perhaps the Soviets didn’t think the word “aggression” meant what everyone else thought it meant, so they just signed off an a pact agreeing what aggression meant. From Wikipedia: ““Aggression” included attacks on territory, naval vessels or aircraft, a naval blockade, aid to armed bands “formed on the territory of a State”, or failing “to deprive the bands of any aid and protection”” Oddly enough, doesn’t seem to include the imposition of sanctions… maybe they hadn’t considered the implications yet… or, maybe they had.
And this sweet little item from the Chicago World’s Fair, which took place on a beach just strewn with shells. Mother thinks of it every time she fixes the hem on sister’s skirt.

make your own pact here.

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