Friday, September 30

Monday, December 25

Hanging with grandparents. They smell funny. Electric lights and deadly tinsel on the tree. A sweet little radio on the table playing the service somewhere. Junior would probably like to be playing with his Meccano set. Gramps is wondering exactly how he’s going to get back up on his feet again. Wonderful family.
Lewiston, Maine had a parade, but it looks like business as usual on Main Street. There might be more spectators off camera.
Another family gathering. Looks like the kids found their favorite uncle. These folks have a really big tree!
Gustav Nagel is the real McCoy- he lives in a manger he’s built himself on his lake-side meditation retreat. Never wears shoes, or much else, year round, but he knows how to work the media, and loves animals. The Nazis won’t put up with him for much longer.
They put a microphone up in the bell tower at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and broadcast the ringing of that bell around the world on Christmas day. No big deal these days, but it must have been a thrill at the time.

All you need is Love, here.

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