Sunday, September 27

Monday, August 28

Citizens of the Principality of Andorra got some crazy ideas from foreign workers who had been brought in to build hydroelectric plants. Stuff about striking, and voting too, probably. Anyhow, there was a lot of bickering going on about the democratic process, so their neighbors the French, who had a lot of experience with democracy and bickering, sent in some cops to keep order, until the first elections were held at the end of the month. Just as a favor, I guess.
One of the major captains of industry died in Moscow of an insulin overdose. He was there seeking treatment for something undisclosed. Back in the day there were probably not enough quacks in America, coulda been cancer. At first I was thinking he was bumped off by the secret police or something, but it’s more likely he made a mistake on his dose. His wife, who had been traveling with him, stayed in Vienna while he was in Moscow- maybe she had been giving him his injections up til then? Maybe she wasn’t allowed into Russia with him? Seems strange that he would make that leg of the trip on his own, if she cared about him. I hope there’s an article about it in the Brownwood Bulletin- that’ll clear things up.
The president is cranking out executive orders, trying to get America back on track. Amazing how much can be accomplished or destroyed with these things, isn’t it?
I found it interesting that a State Department document about foreign copyright was covered with watermarks from the Charlie Chaplin Corporation. Worse than the mouse- never fear, I removed them.

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