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Friday, September 8

“The world didn’t turn color until sometime in the 1930’s, and it was pretty grainy color for a while too.” You really couldn’t tell when everything was just on the radio, but don’t forget that television was coming out, and it was becoming obvious that there was a problem.
Doesn’t mama look happy? No need to feel guilty about it, it’s great when summer is over and the little darlings head back to skool. Rex will get over it, but the boy never will.
It’s all about indoctrination. Teach ’em how things are, more or less.
So let’s have a quiz. How many celebrities can you identify? Phones down! Google won’t help you with this one anyhow.
OK, yeah, Clark Gable. That’s one. Here’s an easy one- which famous weekly magazine featured this leopard on its cover this month in ’33? As you can see, they were still working out the color scheme back then. Pink jungles, yeah right!
Hard to believe, but GM made refrigerators too. What can’t they make!

Well, if the world seems too complicated, just take a nap in a tree and wait for dinner.


  • Jean Harlow (plat blonde next to Harpo)
    Claudette Colbert (brunette with bangs and ANIME eyes in the middle)
    Maurice Chevalier (straw boater left below the “pen”)
    Gotta be Bette Davis (Big blue eyes, lower left. Pretty early in her career here)
    Kate Hepburn (red-head) and Gretta Garbo (blond, lower right) bracketing ???
    Might be Peter Lorre grinning with cigar on lower right, but in America it was very early for him
    Mae West (under the red striped umbrella)
    John Barrymore (in profile, of course, right of red stripy umbrella)
    Rudy Vallee (dead center, hands up)
    could be Mary Astor (surprised-looking blonde, front and center)
    Norma Shearer (on uke)
    Joan Crawford (in yellow suit on beach towel. A raven among all those blondes)
    Charlie Chaplin (in profile, grey curly hair, just above Shearer- not as Tramp)

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