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Yet another example of the bizarre flying machines that were actually in use in 1933- this British flying boat is so big it requires two ladders to get from the lower to the upper wing. Just because the 6 engines are mounted on their own struts between the wings. I don’t know if they had hydraulic controls on these beasties or not, but if not, try to imagine pushing on a stick to move the barn-door sized control surfaces on this thing. Hell, that’s the real reason that there’s a co-pilot!
This next guy is a case. Ernest Holloway Oldham started out as a clerk at the British Foreign Office, and after serving in the infantry in WWI, rose to head the department in charge of sending and receiving coded telegrams. Which he apparently learned to decode, passing information to the Soviets. But he wasn’t made of the right stuff for this job, or was being driven to it by a demanding wife (code-named MADAM by his controls), and went just a little nutty and lost the job. On this date they found him dead in his apartment, an apparent victim of coal-gas asphyxiation. Fooled around and found out.
When you invent something as dirt simple yet iconic as the Drive-In theater, you can expect a lot of copy-cats. I don’t know if this was actually the first one, but it appeared as such in the Popular Mechanics, so it must be true.
Somewhere in Iowa? It wasn’t all dust bowl in the Mid-West, as this farmer, his little dog, and his daughter can attest. Hopefully the NRA will fix prices high enough to make the crop pay.

high as an elephant’s eye here.

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