Sunday, September 27

Friday, September 01

An epic American saga begins as author Upton Sinclair announces his campaign for Governor of California. Talk about having a plan for that!
He begins by doing what he does best- writing. His campaign pamphlet takes us to a time in the near future, and it’s a socialist world. Workers own and control the course of major businesses. No one need live in fear of poverty or hunger. Imagine.
States are voting on the repeal of Prohibition. States that have voted to approve are shown in white, and states not having voted yet in black. I suppose it wasn’t necessary to have a color for states that voted against repeal.
A major hurricane travels the length of Cuba. Boy, I sure hope our brave sailors in their destroyers in Havana Harbor are safe! Looks like quite a surge there.
Even back in 1933, even on board ocean liners (which we think of as having been a posh way to travel), the “regular passengers” were just rubes, getting junk like this passenger list with its cheesy “English” cover. The real swells knew that they would have their names listed in the Times.
And doesn’t that assembly line look like a nice place to work! So bright and sunny and clean. In reality, Hank Ford was insisting that HIS company wasn’t going to kow-tow to any government NRA policies on wages and prices, no siree!

see ya on the picket lines here.

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