Tuesday, October 27

Friday, October 6

West Virginian J. R. Clifford died on this day in 1933. He was a man who charted his own course and advanced the cause of justice in the United States. Also a Mason, interestingly enough. May he Rest In Power.
Brooklyn’s own Mae West starred in a movie released on this day. Her contributions to equality were often disparaged, but she had a powerful influence on all the sexes. Still has.
Yet another aviator story, this one about a flyer who just happened to break a record for long-distance solo flight- he claimed he was merely in a hurry to get there. If you look at the plane, and what appears to be evidence of an oil leak and unsecured cowling shortly after the start of his journey, you may wonder how he ever made it.
Finally, to add to the international flavor today, artwork from Japan.

make the trip here.

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