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Friday, October 13

In 1933 on this date there were reported to be 15 million people on the welfare rolls in the USA. That was 12% of the population. But being on welfare wasn’t a guarantee of having enough to eat or a place to live- just like today. Still, it was better than nothing. I’m sure some folks considered them to be lazy bums, enjoying a vacation. Lucky duckies!
In the British Protectorate known as Mandatory Palestine, there was a street demonstration by “Arabs” against Jewish settlements. The British, vastly outnumbered, countered with force and broke it up. For the moment.
Interior design gets a little whimsical, with this bedside lamp. Of course, I enjoy looking into the reflection in the top and seeing how the photograph was taken. Sheets!
More labor action in the States. The National Recovery Administration was in charge of wages and prices, and of course, not everybody is happy with their decisions. Silk workers march on Washington, basically because they don’t have a seat at the table in the negotiations affecting their future. At least they seem to have a Senator on their side. Imagine having a Senator who will stand up for workers!
A look into the future, with a still from a Technicolor film of the Worlds Fair in Chicago. Those color dyes have held up pretty well I’d say.

color me lucky, here.

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