Tuesday, December 1

Friday, November 3

Seems like happy times around the old burn barrel! Strikers at the Hormel plant refuse to back down.
The Chicago Fair closes after a pretty damn good run. This is the first I’ve seen any attendance figures- to give you a rough idea, the major vertical divisions each represent 50,000 people. Other than the first and last weeks there were never less than 50,000 people a day at the fair, with a maximum of 365,000 attending on September 3rd. I bet ol’ Walt was there taking notes!
A lot of streets were still brick in 1933, often with a tar overlay, but it looks like these in Davenport were macadam. Half a dozen actual workers, and if you count the kids, twice as many “supervisors”. It’s good clean entertainment.
Garrett Price, like George Herriman and his Krazy Kat, wasn’t so much a popular cartoonist as he was an iconoclast. His use of odd sized frames and attention to color seem far ahead of his time. White Boy ran for a couple of years, then he suddenly changed the premise (a white boy abducted by indians) to that of a sort of cowboy crime fighter.

there’s a handy boulder here!

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