Friday, November 26

Friday, November 17

I know that it may be hard to believe, but millions of people were tuning their radio receivers to receive the reactionary cant of a self-righteous bigot in 1933. He told them that the others were coming to take their hard-earned stuff away from them. Did he really want to help them in their plight? Whether he did or not, they believed that he did. And democracy is still great!
Some of those same people proceeded to laugh their asses off at the Marx Brothers’ send-up of the same issues. So what’s it going to be, eh? Total war or shrug it off? Only time will tell. Meanwhile Dad is gonna try to push the car off the tracks. Hurry scurry children!
Well, the future is rapidly approaching. Doesn’t look like it’s moving toward us all that fast from here! I’ll bet we have plenty of time to get this thing out of the way. The future looks kinda cool, actually.

push harder, here.

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