Saturday, November 28

Friday, June 23

A free day today. No major disasters or historic events. So today features a theme of people in groups. First is a wild looking pair having fun in France. I imagine there was drinking involved.
Next we have a more sedate, but still enthusiastic looking bunch. A young mother and her… 4,5,6? children! This little family is on their way to Palestine- Jews in exile, but lucky ones with someplace to go and some way to get there.
A bigger group now- a men’s athletic club in Greece. They look ready for some hoops. What is it with Jews and basketball anyway?
After the men, the women. This scene is at a banquet for a woman’s civic organization, meeting in Oslo. Would it be sexist of me to say that it’s amazing that they got that many women to stop talking long enough… why yes, it would be. Still, look closely.
And a world’s fair doily. Not really a group. Well, there are a bunch of different buildings depicted on it, so I guess it counts.

see them all here.

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