Saturday, July 4

Friday, June 16

There’s nothing like a good conspiracy theory, and the murder (or assassination) of the Head of the Political Department of the Jewish Agency in Tel Aviv on this date is surrounded by at least three. (Chaim Arlosoroff is the nervous looking guy in the middle sitting in front of Nixon) No one alive knows the truth, but that didn’t stop the leader of the “revisionists” from holding an investigation which absolutely, resolutely declared that the Revisionists had nothing to do with it. My favorite theory was that it was a jealous Joseph Goebbels what done him in (by proxy).
Next, some of that bad art so prevalent in 1933. I like Miro a lot, but yeah, this one is pretty bad. Funny though- see if you can find the trap set by the dog to catch the mouse…
Now, in Chicago, they know real art when they see it. No surrealists here at the Art Institute show celebrating a Century of Progress- we’ve got Whistler’s Mom!

view the effects here.

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