Tuesday, August 4

Friday, July 28

The polo club has a new pool. This seems incredibly large for a private pool- it must have been a popular club. Jolly old England, wot? I like the chalkboard indicating temperatures at different times- is this a prediction, or a record? Seems like a perfect July day there, there seem to be shadows, and actual sunshine.
Old New England is getting surveyed by some water authority. The pipes gotta go through there. You can see stakes in the picture, with ribbands tied on. The caption is sort of mysterious, as is the print, which looks like it used some automated process for development.
Happy switchboard operators, in honor of the first singing telegram sent on this date. It was actually delivered by phone, so the Hollywood version has some otherwise ordinary phone worker discovering her special talent via singing telegrams. But that never happened.
Instead, those gals were replaced by the dial phone, which was a thing already, but the upgrades to install the switching mechanisms that made dial phones possible would take decades and result in all those big, windowless Bell Telephone buildings that are still with us. Resulting in the Hollywood version of phone workers desperately racing down endless aisles clipping wires onto banks of clattering switches trying to run a trace on the kidnapper’s call. That really did happen.
And an aerial view of Paris Streets and what looks like Old Heidelberg across the main drag of the Fair from each other. Gotta keep ’em separated.

another year of progress here.

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