Saturday, November 28

Friday, July 21

Traveling in strange lands. A really nice cover on Fortune Magazine this month. I guess, for a dollar a copy, you should get a decent cover?
There aren’t many newspapers I come across in Russian, at least I think this is Russian. I like the commie hammer beating the crap out of the “O” in the title. I don’t understand any of it. (are they Jesus’ words in red?) I do understand the proud workers and the new canal at the bottom.
And I guess these other folks are more proud workers. I like the drawing- it reminds me of the 1960’s and my artsy friends who developed a passion for pen and ink.
A fierce dragon? No, just another carnival ride. I can’t tell if this photo is an actual color item or hand tinted. My guess is… tinted. There does seem to be an element of real danger here, with what may be some sand buckets and extra-large fire extinguishers on a wheeled cart. A fiery dragon then. The Land of Enchantment, just another stop on the Century of Progress.

meet the strangers here.

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