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Friday, December 29

If you look at it a certain way, fashion is fascist. The rules are set somewhere, nobody knows who makes them, they are delivered by a well-oiled propaganda machine, and a large percentage of the population follows them unquestioningly. Oh, there might be some gripping about how silly certain things are, but overall it’s a grand system. You know what to do and where you stand.
Still, a certain percentage of the population won’t have anything to do with either fashion or fascism. The fashionistas cannot enforce their will as effectively as the fascists can, fortunately. Still, public shaming is a powerful tool. And so is public acclaim. Two women remained aloft, circling an airport, for over 8 days and 4 hours. In order to accomplish this, they had to refuel their plane in flight. Not a bad trick for ’33. There’s also a little item there about the U.S.A. parking a destroyer off the coast of China, just in case China turns into another Cuba. But that’s for next year.
Well? It’s an ocean liner, steaming along majestically off some coast.
In addition to an entire series of bug-spray ads, Dr. Seuss found some time to produce a book. After Dark in the Park, created in his “blue period”, had all the elements of his later, mature work.

try on your cat hat, here.

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