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Friday, December 22

It’s winter now. Now is the winter of our discontent. More like settling into a siege.
I remember last year, how it began with hope for the future. We should have an easier time this time, because the things we’re hoping for are grounded in reality. Getting through it.
Not everyone of course. Grounded in reality I mean. A lot of people are going to have their work cut out for them maintaining a big fable. But that’s just another way of grinding it out.
Today’s images: The Afghani magazine Kabul. I know nothing about the man depicted on the cover, but I understand the way he’s dressed. He’s the man, the leader, the king. We Americans always laugh at this sort of display, it’s the old, European way of signifying power, we don’t believe in kings here. Certainly not!
Here’s a couple of beautiful people who’ve gotten married. In ’33 there was a lot of psychology going on, there were attempts to make art out of it. It was sometimes clunky and misguided because good art is always the expression of psychology, of our inner lives, of relationships. The message doesn’t need to be worn on the chest like medals. In that way this portrait is disturbing. I wonder how the marriage worked out?
Try to imagine this Christmas card as the pristine thing it was in 1933, the first year it was exchanged. Someone took that joke a little farther, and after more than 80 years of exchanges it looks like this. They should send this off into space on the next Voyager.
Flying Down to Rio was released for the upcoming holiday movie weekend. It was the first of many movies to feature the singing/dancing team of Astaire and Rogers. I like it for the wing-walking goofiness of it.

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