The Camel Jumper

There was a playroom, or just a room with a few toys and nothing else in it. Some children, very young children, were in it. A boy wanted to cross this room, but at times the location would change to that of a high desert encampment.

The light in this desert location was thin and low, and it may have been cold. A large group of robed desert people were there, and the time was long ago. As the small boy crossed the playroom, he would appear in the midst of this circle of desert people.

He was able to save his life by doing some trick, but it was as if he would not keep these somewhat hostile people confused long enough for him to cross the room. Fortunately, there was an even younger (or just smaller) boy in the room with him who was also travelling back to this desert. (The change from location to location was a long, grainy fade rather than an abrupt switch. The desert location was yellowish, and the fade would begin with this yellowish grainyness appearing in the room)

The smaller boy wasn't as far across the room, but he had a better trick. He had some sort of a wooden contraption- sort of crutch-shaped, but with a dog-leg bend in it. It was apparently part of the gear used to hold cargo on the backs of camels. The smaller boy would use this stick to vault, or turn a sumersault in the air, in the midst of the circle of desert people.

It amazed them, and the boy gained their favor by turning exactly 27 perfect sumersaults altogether. He was known as the cameljumper.