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Here's eiffel, that floor wax I was talking about last month. Here it's set low and angled forward, for general illumination.

eiffel low

Set higher and aimed down it's a reading lamp.

eiffel medium

Its lighting pattern is even and narrow.

eiffel medium

At full height it's a great accent or area light.

the boom version 2- a sleek and slender boom.

overhead v2

The inventor isn't getting any sleeker, so let's put him behind something- say, a drumset.

overhead v2

Here the boom is about half-way up the base. Drilled holes are in place, and this version is much lighter than the last. I think it's ready to commit to metal.

overhead boomed

the base, with extension extended and "boomed". It reaches out over 6', and up to the ceiling, about 9'. Studies continue, but it is certain to be doubling as a lamp.


the base performs its drum overhead function with this prototype boom.

mic stand

Then it quickly converts to a vocal mic stand.


We made a pilgrimage to Red Lion yesterday.

jeff hostetter

That's Jeff Hostetter with the lead Rambler, examining his workhorse. We walked in with about 2 guitars each and asked if he was taking any business. Fortunately for us, he was.

The man has a raft of tools, both mundane and arcane. Here's a small selection...

repair tools

Here's another way of looking at his shop.


Add it to my small collection of photos of genius' benches- here's Large Dave's workplace...

right bench