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Today I wanted to begin designing the end table and lamp to go with California Dreamin' Coffee Table but I didn't get the time for it. I did have enough time to suss out a logo to go with my brand...

j.banner Logo 07d2, Ⓒ 2016, j. banner

Highly recursive, and it's also self-referential.


california dreaming-2
California Dreamin' Coffee Table, Ⓒ 2016, j. banner

I took 99 pictures of this thing this afternoon. Yesterday I stained the edge grain, and today I joined the two parts of the base together, then added feet and felt pads.

Click the photo to see it in a larger size.

How would it look in your studio?


I've been enjoying images of mid-century modern homes in California. I don't know why, now, especially, but I like the glass walls and courtyards, the pools and the flat roofs.

Today I was inspired to send some props to the land of my dreams. I had time at work, and they are generous with scrap materials, so...

california dreaming

California Dreamin' Coffee Table.

Acrylic top, laminated plywood base.

It's hard to take a picture of this thing, but it feels friendly, and it feels innocent.

Can a table be innocent?

I'm considering some color- maybe tinting the exposed endgrain.