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the vault

This video captures the first time The Vault was used here. Oz, the drummer, is a very loud player. Tom is playing his guitar through a Mesa Boogie .22 which is parked inside The Vault. The isolation was about perfect.

Every since I moved into the new place I've been wanting to reconnect with my electronic drums. I have an Alesis DM Pro head with thousands of 20 bit drum samples from the "00's" controlled by a Macintosh Plus from the '80's with a massive 20 megabyte external hard drive, running the Master Tracks Pro sequencer program.


All of this stuff will fit in your phone these days, but things haven't actually gotten any better, other than at the top end of the you-really-can't-afford-it scale. This a-here stuff can still make good records.

a floppy disk

This is a scan of a 3.5" floppy disk, something only a few of you will be personally acquainted with. Still runs in the old Mac...


The opening screen. Don Williams responded to my e-mail a few years back when I was seeking a version of this program for the PC. He'd probably be even more surprised now to learn I'm still using his program. I'm so cheap!


The program. The main screen is the "piano roll" which scrolls from right to left (unlike real piano rolls). The little black dots on the piano roll represent the notes that will play. Doubley-clickelling on them allows you to edit their volume, duration, and other stuff. You can drag them to other pitches (altering the drum being triggered) or nudge them around in time (affecting the groove). It's simple and effective.


The final piece of the puzzle is this electronic drum kit I got used a couple years back. I had been entering beats by hand or using drum pads I built myself, but it was not a very good way to go. I will be using these to trigger the drum box and record to the program. It's a sweet little e-drum station!


Fitz, a new face in the studio...