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Watching a French movie starring an Italian actress from the early 1960's may have inspired this photo.

accordion soul

That movie was playing during the recording of what could be the final tracks for the Vinegar Creek Constituency project yesterday evening...


...which was followed this morning by the purchase of the third studio AW4416, seen here undergoing extensive tests.


Now I'll be able to link up 48 tracks if that should prove to be necessary.

Discuss the French connection.

Start with one of these...


Add this...

bon fire

End up with something like this...

Halloween Dance

Discuss bonfire dancing.


My former schoolmate Tim must have been chuckling when he wrote this one for our local paper.

Part of Lancaster city, suburbs among nation's hottest hipster havens, say websites

As life-long residents, we've known that this place has always been hip. Very hip.

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Sad to lose Fred Amendola last month. Fred was a Stoker from way back, lugging his axe down my stairs to play on tunes by me and Mr. Bobby.


I had recently been listening to his work on my song Anybody's Fool and thinking how it was the best part of it. He once showed me how the warmth of his hand would throw his instrument out of tune, and how he had to compensate for that. Such a good player, and nice guy all around.

I re-recorded my vocal on that song, and added some organ. Someday it may be worthy of his contribution, but meanwhile you can hear his work here...

Anybody's Fool.mp3

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